Call for Participation

Call for Participation for SkinWear: Aesthetic, Expressive, and Functional On- Skin Technologies at UBICOMP 2016 (Heidelberg, Germany, 12 - 16 Spetember 2016)

For centuries, the body surface has been accessorized using tattoos, nail art and cosmetics. An emerging research stream in HCI proposes skin, hair and nails as the next surface for wearable computing. These surfaces have been shown to be promising as a next-generation wearable user interface and beauty technologies. These offer new challenges and opportunities for wearable devices and interactions: They blur the line between technology and fashion (aesthetic) and allow for novel multi-modal and highly expressive interactions on the body (expressive). Finally, they require novel thin, flexible and biocompatible interaction surfaces and fabrication methods that ease personalization (function). Together, on-skin wearable devices have the potential to improve a wide range of application scenarios, including communication, fitness, and beauty applications.
This UBICOMP 2016 workshop is the first international workshop exploring the field of on-skin technologies. This one-day workshop is a unique opportunity to share experiences, identify directions for future research, and develop novel ideas related to on-skin technologies, focusing on skin, hair, and nail interfaces. We will also develop prototypes through the creative use of materials provided during the workshop to envision future possibilities.
We invite interested individuals to submit a 2-4 page position paper in SIGCHI Extended Abstracts format in the context of UBICOMP 2016 to be held in Heidelberg, Germany, 12 - 16 Spetember 2016. The maximum number of papers that will be accepted to the workshop is limited to 20 papers.
The position paper should describe the author's interest and experience within topics related to the workshop such as, but not limited to, the examples listed below. We encourage submissions from a wide range of participants, perspectives and disciplines. Communities already involved in the design, development or deployment of on-skin technologies are especially encouraged to apply. The selection committee will select submissions based on their relevance, quality, originality and potential to trigger fruitful discussion among the community.
Submissions and questions should be directed to More details can be found at:

Topics of discussion for the workshop include, but are not limited to, the following themes:

- Aesthetics: Visually Customizable On-Skin Technology
Beauty Technology: From traditional to interactive cosmetics; Body surface as display for
interactive aesthetic output; Artwork, performances, and conceptual designs for the skin.
- Expression: On-skin Interaction and Sensing
Skin electronically connected to environment; Skin for human-to-computer and human-to- human interactions; Affective on-skin technologies; DIY on-skin processes and toolkits; Microfluidics intertwined with on-body displays.
- Functional: Technologies and Applications
Nanotechnology and biotechnology on the epidermis; Flexible, miniaturized electronics and novel materials for on-skin technology; Futuristic applications in diverse sectors: security, rescue, health; Techniques for developing skin interfaces; Safety and privacy issues of on- skin technologies.

Call for Participation opens: 7 May 2016
Submissions due: 21 June 2016
Final Acceptance notification: 28 June 2016
Camera-ready: 3 July 2016

Please note that at least one author of each accepted paper must attend the workshop and that all participants must register for both the workshop and for at least one day of the conference. Please indicate which authors will attend the workshop.

Please send your submission to: